The targeted individual map is a global census of targeted individuals displayed on a Google map.

The website has been launched and announced , inside the Mind Holocaust Project: an Observatory Against Mind Conditioning Technologies.

The targeted-individuals-map website offers a wolrd view on the community of persons that marked themself in this census as Mind Control-ed Targeted Individuals.

The world map of targeted individuals has been inspired by The Hum Map and Database Project to be another tool for accessing hidden information and make them public.

It's a tool of public collaboration among the parts towards a common goal: transparency. the targeted individuals mean it of course!

It's a step forward in the direction of revealing the dimension of a problem and to rise up a public dialog based on public data.

There are evidences of secret projects that aims to control the entire society, making of the entire world a absolute prison with an ongoing low latency war among few power centers, with no sense of decency in matter of conquering the minds, the hearts and the bodies of an unprepared population as a new set of tools and techniques is available: weapons of mind control.

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